The Benefits Of Using An Outside Ice Cream Supplier For Your Shop

When you run an ice cream shop, there are really two approaches you can take. You can make your own ice cream in-house and then sell it or you can sell ice cream made by an outside supplier. While there is certainly a place for shops that make their own ice cream, it does tend to be the more challenging approach. The following are some key benefits of selling an outside supplier's ice cream instead.

Consistent Quality

A company that is selling its ice cream to vendors is already going to have put time and effort into perfecting its recipes and procedures. You can generally count on their products being consistent in quality. Your own customers will appreciate this; they'll like getting the same quality every time they come in. It also saves you time as you won't have to spend several weeks developing your own recipes and teaching employees how to follow them.

Hire Fewer Employees

The cost of purchasing pre-made ice cream may be higher than the cost of buying the ingredients to make your own ice cream. However, you won't have to pay for the labor to make the ice cream, which should save you a lot of money. You will really only be hiring people to scoop ice cream, which gives you a little more flexibility in terms of who you hire. Scooping takes less skill than making ice cream from scratch.

Don’t Have to Invest in as Much Equipment

Making ice cream from scratch does require the right equipment. You can go it with big stand mixers, but most shops use more specialized ice cream makers that freeze as they blend. This equipment is not cheap, and it also takes up a lot of space. If you just sell ice cream from an outside supplier, you won't need the equipment or the space to store it. This allows you to rent a smaller shop, which will save you money. It might leave you a little more to spend on things like comfortable seating, cool toppings, and intricate menus that make customers smile.

While it can be fun to make and sell homemade ice cream, it is also a lot of work. If you're still deciding how to operate your ice cream shop, you should strongly consider selling ice cream from a separate supplier. Try samples from a few vendors, and sell the one you like best. Reach out to an ice cream supplier near you to learn more.

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