How To Use Snack Seasoning To Liven Up A Party Menu

If you're planning any type of party, snacks are sure to be on the menu. Whether you're hosa lunch, dinner, or late-night soiree, don't forget to provide plenty of snacks, which will delight guests of all ages. 

One way you can jazz up snacks, from basic cheese and crackers to a gourmet charcuterie board, is with specialty snack seasonings. These seasonings will instantly transform the flavor of almost any food, drawing your guests back to the snack table time and again throughout the event.

Snacks are the perfect party food, as they can hold part-goers over in between meals if it's a long event, or before the main courses are ready. Guests can easily mix and mingle as they munch on the finger foods, and both kids and adults will enjoy them.

Specially-seasoned snacks are appropriate for any type of special event or occasion, such as kids' or adults' birthday parties, family and corporate holiday get-togethers, anniversary soirees, family reunions, graduation celebrations, bridal and baby showers, and even wedding receptions. 

If you're holding a large event with a big guest list, you can order the snack seasonings in bulk via an online retailer. Be sure to purchase a mix of sweet and savory seasonings to keep the snack bowls interesting. 

Here are some snack seasoning ideas to consider for your next party:

1. Popcorn 

You can't go wrong with serving freshly popped popcorn at any event, as there are so many ways in which to spice it up. For a sweet snacks, toss the popcorn with a sugar cinnamon, caramel, chocolate or apple cinnamon seasoning. These can also work as on-the-go desserts, especially at kids' birthday celebrations. 

For a more savory popcorn treat, sprinkle seasonings such as chili lime, garlic salt, parmesan, chipotle, BBQ and cheddar, which is a flavor favorite among people of all ages. Serve the flavored popcorn in individual bowls labeled with the seasoning type.

Seasoned popcorn also makes tasty party favors when placed in festive treat bags. Allow guests to choose their favorite blends as they exit the party, and as a special touch, have the popcorn bags printed with the event details.

2. Flavorful Dips 

Another fun way to use snack seasonings at a party is by stirring them into sour cream and mayonnaise-based dips. For instance, serve chipotle lime, sweet and spicy ancho chili, buffalo blue cheese, and cheddar and jalapeno-flavored cream dips with tortilla chips or crackers. 

Use sweet seasonings such as apple cinnamon, caramel, and maple vanilla to create dips for sliced fruits such as apples, watermelon, and peaches. 

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