Three Popular Buns You Shouldn't Be Without

Bread will never go out of style, no matter how many low-carb diets take the spotlight. Bread is such a versatile food, and it comes in so many forms, that restaurants and stores can create some really neat recipes with buns that range from basic white bread to more elaborate concoctions. The real problem is narrowing down which types of bread and buns you want to keep on hand. Each type is suitable for different recipes, and you need to look at how soft, chewy, or crusty you need that bun to be.

Potato Buns

If you want a squishy, soft burger bun that still holds up to grease and meat juices, a potato bun is best. The potato starch is key; it reacts well with yeast while not allowing too much gluten to form, creating a soft, long-lasting, slightly sweet bread that doesn't overwhelm sandwich fillings. This is not a bun that disintegrates easily, yet it doesn't become dry and hard like so many basic white-bread buns can. Potato buns store well, too, although long-term storage for these buns is not really something you're going to have to worry about, given how much people like them.

Pretzel Buns

A few years ago, someone decided to make a sandwich bun using the ingredients and method for making soft pretzels. The chewy top and soft, salty interior made the pretzel bun a hit. Pretzel buns are sturdy and often very thick, making them perfect for saucy sandwiches that could dissolve plain bread in minutes. If you have a lot of fillings and want that taste balanced with the bun, the pretzel bun is a good choice. Do be careful in choosing a supplier for these because if they're not made well, they can taste off. You want a supplier who makes real pretzel-recipe buns.

Bagels as Buns

Using a bagel as a sandwich bun is not new, but you don't always see this option at restaurants. Bagels are perfect for veggie-heavy fillings that need a chewy counterpart to soak up tomato juice and provide structure to sprouts and lettuce. Bagel buns are great when toasted, too, giving your restaurant the option of grilled-cheese bagels and other hot sandwiches. As with pretzel buns, be sure you get bagels from a supplier who knows how to make good, boiled-and-baked, chewy bagels, and not just bread shaped like a loop.

You can set up regular delivery from suppliers so that you always have these and other buns in stock. Contact suppliers to find out about shipment sizes and bulk pricing. Reach out to a buns delivery supplier near you to learn more.

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