Coffeeholics, Here's Why You Need A Monthly Coffee Subscription

You may have seen subscription boxes for beauty supplies and pet products, but did you know there are also monthly coffee subscription boxes? That's right — you can pay a coffee roasting company a flat, affordable fee each month, and they will deliver a different coffee to your door. Depending on the subscription service, they might even deliver two or three coffees to your door. When you're a coffeeholic, it's hard to imagine anything better than that. But beyond pure enjoyment, there are a few other reasons to join a monthly coffee subscription service.

1. Your palate won't get tired.

Chances are, you have a couple of coffees you like, and perhaps you rotate through them, buying the same ones again and again. This can lead to a dull palate over time. To keep your coffee-tasting palate up to par, you need to be tasting new coffees from time to time, and a coffee subscription service will make sure you do that, without even requiring that you go to the store.

2. You'll get to taste coffees you otherwise would not have discovered.

Unless you have a high-end roaster that sources their own beans in your town, you probably have trouble finding unique beans and blends. Subscription serves shop the globe for the most interesting beans and deliver them to your doorsteps. You'll try coffees you never even knew existed — and ones that are only available in such small amounts that your local roastery may not even be able to stock them if they tried. The best part is that since you pay just one monthly fee, you won't have to hand over a small fortune to try these brews.

3. You will learn what you like.

The only way to really learn what you like in a coffee is to try a ton of them. This is tough to do if you're trying to rely on a local store to source your coffee. But after a year with a coffee subscription service, you will have tried 12, 24, or even 26 different coffees. You'll have a better idea of whether you like light, medium, or dark-roast — and whether you prefer coffees from Hawaii, Columbia, or Peru.

Coffee subscription services, such as the Hot Air Roasted Coffee Subscription are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. If you enjoy tasting new things and expanding your palate, there's no better way to expand the character of your morning cup.

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