3 Reasons To Smoke To Buy Or Grow Whole Tobacco Leaves

Whether you are growing bored of your normal smoking routine or you are growing more concerned about the health risks, perhaps it's time to make a switch. More smokers today are opting to buy tobacco leaves, such as from Marleaf, instead of traditional cigarettes and some are even opting to grow their own. Here are three advantages that whole leaf tobacco has over the cigarettes at the local store.

It's Healthier for You

Healthy is not typically a word used when talking about smoking but in the case of whole leaf tobacco leaves, it's actually true. By choosing to wrap and smoke leaves instead of cigarettes, you will be smoking tobacco in its purest form. This means there won't be any added chemicals that are often found in cigarettes. This one change alone makes the product better for you from a health point of view. If you are looking to wean yourself off of cigarettes but not ready to quit smoking altogether, smoking tobacco leaves in conjunction with a nicotine patch can help you beat your addiction.

It Will Save You Money

The exact amount of money saved depends on how you get your leaves and how many packs of cigarettes you typically buy per week, but in general, tobacco leaves are considered to be an economically friendly alternative to cigarettes. If you are willing to do some work and roll your own tobacco leaf blunt, the savings could be substantial. 

Tobacco Leaves Are a Great Bartering Item

Even if you still prefer to smoke regular cigarettes, it can't hurt to consider starting to grow your own leaves. In fact, even some non-smokers today are growing tobacco leaves because it makes for a decent bartering item in case of disaster. If the economy were to suddenly fall apart due to war or some other event out of your control, you will want to have an item that is in steady demand and tobacco leaves fit that bill. People have smoked for hundreds of years, in good times and in bad, and if something were to go sideways in modern times, it could be advantageous to have a stash of tobacco leaves ready for sale. 

Whether you are interested in buying tobacco leaves or growing some yourself, it would make sense to reach out to a local supplier of tobacco leaves today. Tobacco leaves are healthier than traditional cigarettes, less expensive to smoke and can even serve as a form of bartering currency if needed.

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