Ensure That You Have Vital Provisions On Hand While Staying In Your Hunting Cabin

If you are going to be staying in your hunting cabin for a couple weeks this fall and the residence is located in a remote wooded area that does not receive phone service or that is near many businesses that sell staples such as food water, the following tips will help you prepare for the time away from home and ensure that you have vital provisions on hand.

Pack Food And Water

Fill a large crate with canned food items, dry noodles, rice, and beans. Add a hand can opener to the supplies so that you will be able to open canned food if the power goes out during your stay in the cabin. Purchase an emergency water kit, which includes storage boxes and bags, water purifying tablets, and a hose. Upon your arrival to the cabin, place a storage bag inside of each box. Locate the filling holes on the bags. Secure the end of a water hose that is attached to a spigot to each filling hole and release water into the bags until they have expanded.

Stack the boxes of water in one corner of the cabin. If your cabin's water supply is compromised during your stay, due to a flood or faulty plumbing, you will have plenty of water on hand. If you run out of potable water that is stored in the bags, use the purifying kit to purify water that you are able to collect in the woods or from a water hose. 

Prepare A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit that is stocked with aspirin, gauze, medical tape, splints, antiseptic, and gloves will be useful if you are minorly injured while exploring the woods. Add allergy medication to the kit if you are prone to allergic reactions after coming into contact with a plant variety. Keep the kit inside of the cabin's bathroom, but bring along a small container or bag to stock items inside of when you will be outdoors walking through the property that borders your's. 

Store Supplies In Your Vehicle

Line your vehicle's trunk with a tarp. Place pieces of scrap wood, nails, a hammer, emergency flares, and basic automotive tools on top of the tarp. If your cabin begins leaking, due to heavy rains and damaged roofing materials, temporarily patch the rooftop by securing a tarp or pieces of wood over the damaged area. The flares and basic automotive tools may be valuable assets if your vehicle breaks down or if you need to change a flat tire. 

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